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One Pot by Martha Stewart Living

One Pot.jpg

One Pot

by Martha Stewart Living

The editors of Martha Stewart Living take 30-minute meals and everyday food to the next level with one-pot meals; more than 120 innovative, comfort-food recipes make use of just a pot, a sheet pan, a skillet, a slow cooker, or a pressure cooker for meals that are delicious, satisfying, and quick to clean up, too.

MSLO’s latest cookbook features something everyone wants more of: all-in-one meals. Packed with 120 gorgeous images and recipes for one-pot wonders (including their food hack for One-Pan Pasta that went viral over the summer), this cookbook helps you get in and out of the kitchen with only one vessel to clean. From chicken and vegetables that roast on the same sheet pan to skillet lasagna, baked risotto, soups, and down-home casseroles, this is the volume that gives you the biggest flavor payoff with the smallest efforts. Here, too, are a dozen recipes for one-bowl desserts that can be ready when you are.

My Review:

Dylan and I are HUGE fans of One Pot meals. They make cooking so much easier since I typically work long hours and don’t always have the time to make dinner. So easy meals that can be cooked in one pot are AWESOME!

These meals don’t make you feel like you are throwing something together quickly. They are good sized, and still make you feel like you just cooked an elegant meal. I have had this cookbook for awhile and a few weeks ago, when I started my new job, I thought we would give it a try.

Each recipe (we have only made a select few) is very good and almost ‘no fail’. Our favorites were the Chicken and Dumplings (my family lives in the south so it has always been a huge favorite), Linguine With Tomatoes and Basil, and Braised Chicken with Potato and Lemon. Some recipes may take longer than others, but since everything pretty much cooks together, it makes time in the kitchen so much easier.

Overall, for anyone who wants a great meal that is easy but you want it to feel like you slaved over it all day, this is your cookbook.


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