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Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas

Paris, My Sweet.jpg

Paris, My Sweet

by Amy Thomas

Part love letter to New York, part love letter to Paris, and total devotion to all things sweet. Paris, My Sweet is a personal and moveable feast that’s a treasure map for anyone who loves fresh cupcakes and fine chocolate, New York and Paris, and life in general. It’s about how the search for happiness can be as fleeting as a sliver of cheesecake and about how the life you’re meant to live doesn’t always taste like the one you envisioned. Organized into a baker’s dozen of delicacies (and the adventures they inspired) that will tempt readers’ appetites, Paris, My Sweet is something to savor.

My Review:

Vapid. Is the word that comes to mind when I think of this book. Now, I know you probably will think that is a little harsh. But believe me, it’s not.

I am not saying I didn’t enjoy this book with my entire being. Because I did. However, I think I liked the cover more than I liked the actual book. Overall, this girl is living a million others fantasies. And while that is good for her, I think she came off a bit on the bragging side of things. Someone who didn’t really appreciate what she had. Not saying she didn’t appreciate it, but her writing seemed a bit childish.

Paris, My Sweet is light and airy, the way you picture a memoir like this to be. She features a different food item with each chapter, which is pretty cool, but I don’t think that is enough to put this book on anyones Top Picks.

Do I recommend this book? Sure, Because it is interesting and her life does seem like a lot of fun. But would I tell you there is nothing wrong with it? No. Because there is tons wrong with it.

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