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Saving Our Skins by Caro Feely


Saving Our Skins

by Caro Feely

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing

The touching story of one couple’s decision to start a vineyard in France, where they fear nothing more than the destruction of a sudden cold snap

Frost can be fatal to a fledgling wine business. . . it’s a gorgeous glitter with a high price tag. On a winter’s day it is beautiful, but on a spring day after bud burst it spells devastation. For Sean and Caro Feely, a couple whose love affair with wine and France has taken them through financial and physical struggle to create their organic vineyard, it could spell the end. Until they receive an unexpected call that could save their skins. . . This book is about life, love, and taking risks, while transforming a piece of land into a flourishing vineyard and making a new life in France.

My Review:

Following My Grape Expectations, this is the second installment. It follows Caro and her family who own a vineyard and are trying to make it as wine growers. They run into some hardships financially as they try to establish their Organic Vineyard.

I think the greatest part about this book is the knowledge and thought put into it. I really dislike reading something and having to look up what the author is talking about. Personally, I appreciate reading about the hardships that Caro and Sean faced. It shows that the author wasn’t trying to make things seem better than they were.

Well worth the read. I love when you can follow a family, or author as they grow. This book is definitely that. I look forward to either another book in the series or just recommending these ones.


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