Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #1


So I thought it would be neat if every Friday I shared some of my favorites!

Friday Favorites: Book Covers!

The Royal We

The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

Can you say “Kate Middleton fan-fiction??? This book cover is just adorable and oddly resembles the Royal Couple. However, it is one of my top favorites! I think the design is perfect and the colors really complimented the look.

My Full Review Here!

Down The Rabbit Hole

 Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison

Like I explained in My Full Review Here, this cover is adorable. I think it was well planned out, the color is PINK, and Holly Madison, herself, is just gorgeous. I absolutely loved this cover and to feed the need to judge a book by its cover, this one nailed it. (We all do it, don’t judge)


We'll Always Have Paris

We’ll Always Have Paris by Jennifer Coburn

This book I probably wouldn’t have found, but walking through Barnes and Noble, it showed up in the travel essay section and the cover roped me in. I love love love travel essays! So The cute sketch drawings on the front and the font, was just too much to pass up.

My Full Review Coming Soon!

Girls in White Dresses

  Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

The book that every twenty-something should read (not because its profound, but because of its relatability- I know that isn’t a word).  But the cover is cute. I think it portrays what the book is about well. It is simple, yet draws you in.

My Full Review Coming Soon!

I Regret Nothing

I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster

Besides the fact that Jen Lancaster is absolutely hysterical, her book covers reflect the personality of her books. I think this one is no exception. I love this cover! Its hysterical in itself!

My Full Review Coming Soon!

There you have it! On this day of Friday, these are my favorite covers of the books that I have read recently, picked up recently, or the memorable ones sitting only my shelf!

Happy Friday and Enjoy your weekend!!

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